FernFaye Farm

Where the Wild Things Grow

Welcome to our Farm

FernFaye Farm is a small family owned farm in Marion County, West Virginia where we practice a variety of conservation minded practices to sustain the wood, water, and soil for future generations. We raise beef and goats for protein, plant a variety of vegetables for personal use and sales, harvest timber on a sustainable rotation, forage for mushrooms and herbs, manage a small orchard, gather fresh eggs, and inspire a new generation of farmers with a variety of seminars and grow flowers for visitors to cut their own.

U-Pick Flower Farm

The flower field continues to grow in size and variety each year with annuals, perennials, and herbs for visitors to cut and create their own bouquet. Or we can make arrangements to accommodate weddings, showers, parties, and other events where a splash of fresh color changes your venue from boring to refreshing. You can also schedule a visit with your favorite photographer to capture the abundance of color in your portraits.

U-Pick FLower Farm

Enjoy strolling through our 50-foot flower beds. Design your own bouquet with seasonal flowers.


Join us during our scheduled classes to learn all about gardening, flowers, and conservation.

Special Events

Weddings, showers, special events, etc. We also provide flowers for Build-your-Own-Bouquet events.

Photography Sessions

Capture the picturesque scenes, vibrant flowers, and rows of pine trees in your next photography session.

Come visit our Farm

We have a lot of ideas for the future so check in often to see our latest inspirations where the wild things grow.