About Us

Meet your farmers

How we got started

FernFaye Farm is our family farm where we grew up learning about country living. We were fortunate enough to be able to run wild amongst the 100 acres that we call home. We became passionate about land conservation, protecting the environment, and most of all, gardening.

Why Flowers?

One spring evening during a family dinner in 2020, our Dad brought our Mom home a beautiful store-bought arrangement of spring flowers. After praising him for his gesture, we began to talk about our love for growing flowers and the dream to to share our farm with our community. Within a week, we had bought the necessary equipment and had converted the basement to our seeding and transplanting space.

Our Family

We are both full-time nurses. Abby has three daughters and Emily has a daughter and a son with her husband, Jacob. In addition to our parents and farm founders, Brad and Lynette, our five children help us manage and run the farm. They are learning about sustainable living and the preservation of our earth at a very young age. They fully live according to our farm motto, "Where the wild things grow..."